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Roleless @ home

These days am facing a really difficult problem, i don’t have anything interesting to do at home 😦

i normally reach home around 6.30pm and find myself having nothing to do, its been some time now that i don’t have any assignments, tests, project etc.. at first seems nice, but after some time its kinda boring.

some friends told me to purse with msc 😦 frankly speaking i don’t really wanna do that right now :S uom causes lots of stress and i don’t think i can cope with both work and studies for the time being ..

also i really don’t know if an Msc will help in my career as a developer,

am considering options and right now i kinda have these:

  • partime job
  • grate grate lakaz
  • learn more about c#  and .net
  • look for freelance jobs
  • prepare a certification
  • palab lor msn , et dormi lor facebook, hi5

well for the time being and after a long lecturing from my brother i guess learning  more on c#,  .net and preparing for a microsoft certification can only be good for my career.

zotte ki role lakaz???


whats new these days

its been 3 weeks since i joined frontlab now , i promised to post more often but these days lots of things have been going on and didn’t actually find time ( lol mo aC tire pretext.. aussi parceki mo penC ki mone vine enkor pli paress 🙂 )

  1. yesterday went to uom to check my results, surprisingly i passed the networks module, during my years at uom its the first time that i was really unsure about clearing a module. i think its the toughest thing i had to endure at uom.
    what makes computer networks so difficult ?

    • according me its the loads of theory involved…some practical stuffs would have been nice and easier to assimilate,
    • also maybe because we have to retain lots of chapters and vomit everything on paper
    • maybe because of the way its taught, having 2 whole cse classes in one room was quite an issue according to our lecturer 🙂
  2. Yesterday we got hold of our Honda civic, (mo espere sanela pas boire essence)
    the price of fuel is amazing these days, i wonder why we don’t feed more ethanol to our engines!!!!
  3. finally received my first pay check from frontlab , now i just need to figure out how to spend it 🙂

After soo long!

A blog post after nearly a year, i was going to start a new blog but was tired to do so, thats y am back with palab corner ( maybe i will consider another name in the coming days)

anyway so what happened to me during all this time.. Am summerising

  • moved to flacq
  • had problems with MTML..
  • Had a not so great final year at uom ( could have done better.. )
  • had my first, second and third job

well that was the main headlines

these days am working at frontlabs a cool place situated at candos. Very friendly environment and according to me the best place to start off as a fresher. The training is great and this time i think am gonna stick to it 🙂


Malad et mo siro touC apar..

Bein fer approx 1 semain mo malade avek la fievre, touC, enrhumE tou fouff.. la fievre premier zafer ki allE.. mais touC la ine reste fatigue mo mem..

bein mo ine servi ene tas melange, ene tas tisane fait maison, parmi du the pire avek limon, boire citronelle, safran vert, apres banens melange tousa banala ouff.. ene tas variations avek zimzembre, du mielle.. mais touC pas laie allE mem..

finalment ine craK ine essaye ene siro touC, boire ziste 2 coute touC fini 🙂

ene problem fini lotte coummenC..

contains 9.8g/40mL sorbitol, which may have a laxative efect and cause diarrhoea

sa kaliT la sanse mo ena la.. ouff.. malgre ki probilitiT ki sa appliKe dan mo cas sipoZe tigitte.. mais mone trouve pou ramasse sa bez la aster..

enfin.. finalment apres 1 semaine cpave dire mo 95% fit et still recoverying..


Well after Random Thoughts, vicks is back with Palab Corner

Normally i always complain about not having anything interesting to do during holidays, well this holiday is among  the most hectic.

Construction work at flacq is reaching its end and its also the most time consuming part, choosing tiles, curtains, alarm systems, flush doors, sanitary wares.. on and on and on..

For someone who doesn’t like shopping and all these stuffs, its like hell, specially when parents need to go at different places to choose something.

Hopeful we’ll move for flacq in the coming month 🙂