Roleless @ home

These days am facing a really difficult problem, i don’t have anything interesting to do at home 😦

i normally reach home around 6.30pm and find myself having nothing to do, its been some time now that i don’t have any assignments, tests, project etc.. at first seems nice, but after some time its kinda boring.

some friends told me to purse with msc 😦 frankly speaking i don’t really wanna do that right now :S uom causes lots of stress and i don’t think i can cope with both work and studies for the time being ..

also i really don’t know if an Msc will help in my career as a developer,

am considering options and right now i kinda have these:

  • partime job
  • grate grate lakaz
  • learn more about c#  and .net
  • look for freelance jobs
  • prepare a certification
  • palab lor msn , et dormi lor facebook, hi5

well for the time being and after a long lecturing from my brother i guess learning  more on c#,  .net and preparing for a microsoft certification can only be good for my career.

zotte ki role lakaz???

6 responses to “Roleless @ home

  1. moi…i reach around 7:10pm. facebook, and msn a bit…then watch those series that you gave :p Watched stargate Atlantis, currently watching overnatural, then pou watch heroes…puis c qui to download encore :p
    Watch till i feel really sleepy, then bed…wake up 5:30am…get ready for work: loop until something new 😉

  2. moiiii mo manger, chat n thn dodo 😀
    saem….. :p
    simple 🙂

    pna role?? chat r gater alrs hehehe :p :p :p

  3. Moi everyday I am counting the days left for University to start again and getting so damn angry when I think how quickly the holidays went by…

    Why is there just 24 hours in a day?????

  4. lol…to ena frer tu? 😮 mo pa ti conE….
    mne dir toa mo ava rode 1 gf pour toa….
    plein plein role to pu gagner 😛

  5. Learn the truth about the Mauritian blogger called Kurt Avish, a disgrace to the whole blogosphere:

    It’s never too late to open your eyes!


  6. Hi there, I’ve added your blog to the Mauritius Blog List.

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