whats new these days

its been 3 weeks since i joined frontlab now , i promised to post more often but these days lots of things have been going on and didn’t actually find time ( lol mo aC tire pretext.. aussi parceki mo penC ki mone vine enkor pli paress 🙂 )

  1. yesterday went to uom to check my results, surprisingly i passed the networks module, during my years at uom its the first time that i was really unsure about clearing a module. i think its the toughest thing i had to endure at uom.
    what makes computer networks so difficult ?

    • according me its the loads of theory involved…some practical stuffs would have been nice and easier to assimilate,
    • also maybe because we have to retain lots of chapters and vomit everything on paper
    • maybe because of the way its taught, having 2 whole cse classes in one room was quite an issue according to our lecturer 🙂
  2. Yesterday we got hold of our Honda civic, (mo espere sanela pas boire essence)
    the price of fuel is amazing these days, i wonder why we don’t feed more ethanol to our engines!!!!
  3. finally received my first pay check from frontlab , now i just need to figure out how to spend it 🙂

6 responses to “whats new these days

  1. networks…moi mo ti coner to pou passer :p almost everybody ki try faire zefort ladans, they get a pass magically :p

    more ethanol means: to moteur pou rouiller…bizin other materials ki less vulnerable to corrosion…else depi longtemps ti pou fini met ethanol. Mais le problem c que politicien nek coz ethanol as if its the magic solution…its not! En fait bizin give incentive for car buyers purchase bane cars ki adapter pou use ethanol…

    I guess i have an idea for the check…paye pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :p

  2. to roushdat : as a president ki tone faire pu nu pays? surtout pu lessence 😀

    c vraie, fuf, aster mo pu faire loto glacer zis dan garage, en plis paye loan, to pu bisin paye lessence si :S

    as for first paye la, la bouche kant pu faire doux??? koike mo doit toi boukoup zaffaires la, akoz bane “services” to p ran mwa la…

    apres frontlab, vine dcdmc 😀 lol!

  3. Qui class to été first , second

  4. second.. but i really don’t care 🙂

    as long as its over and now i start learn the good stuffs at my own paste

  5. paste non doo! pace….tellement habituer copy-paste sa!

    @yashvin, as future president, am not president yet :p Well, i intend to impose a ban on everything petroleum :p and therefore, encourage other stuffs to be developed…like using water in your cars…. I think i should post on these things soon…thx for the idea yashvin :p

  6. @ roushdat

    samem arriV letemps post comment dan travay :S

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