Monthly Archives: July 2008

Roleless @ home

These days am facing a really difficult problem, i don’t have anything interesting to do at home 😦

i normally reach home around 6.30pm and find myself having nothing to do, its been some time now that i don’t have any assignments, tests, project etc.. at first seems nice, but after some time its kinda boring.

some friends told me to purse with msc 😦 frankly speaking i don’t really wanna do that right now :S uom causes lots of stress and i don’t think i can cope with both work and studies for the time being ..

also i really don’t know if an Msc will help in my career as a developer,

am considering options and right now i kinda have these:

  • partime job
  • grate grate lakaz
  • learn more about c#  and .net
  • look for freelance jobs
  • prepare a certification
  • palab lor msn , et dormi lor facebook, hi5

well for the time being and after a long lecturing from my brother i guess learning  more on c#,  .net and preparing for a microsoft certification can only be good for my career.

zotte ki role lakaz???


whats new these days

its been 3 weeks since i joined frontlab now , i promised to post more often but these days lots of things have been going on and didn’t actually find time ( lol mo aC tire pretext.. aussi parceki mo penC ki mone vine enkor pli paress 🙂 )

  1. yesterday went to uom to check my results, surprisingly i passed the networks module, during my years at uom its the first time that i was really unsure about clearing a module. i think its the toughest thing i had to endure at uom.
    what makes computer networks so difficult ?

    • according me its the loads of theory involved…some practical stuffs would have been nice and easier to assimilate,
    • also maybe because we have to retain lots of chapters and vomit everything on paper
    • maybe because of the way its taught, having 2 whole cse classes in one room was quite an issue according to our lecturer 🙂
  2. Yesterday we got hold of our Honda civic, (mo espere sanela pas boire essence)
    the price of fuel is amazing these days, i wonder why we don’t feed more ethanol to our engines!!!!
  3. finally received my first pay check from frontlab , now i just need to figure out how to spend it 🙂