After soo long!

A blog post after nearly a year, i was going to start a new blog but was tired to do so, thats y am back with palab corner ( maybe i will consider another name in the coming days)

anyway so what happened to me during all this time.. Am summerising

  • moved to flacq
  • had problems with MTML..
  • Had a not so great final year at uom ( could have done better.. )
  • had my first, second and third job

well that was the main headlines

these days am working at frontlabs a cool place situated at candos. Very friendly environment and according to me the best place to start off as a fresher. The training is great and this time i think am gonna stick to it 🙂



5 responses to “After soo long!

  1. Starkiss***

    heyy… lols.. wlelcome back to blogging.. 😛
    and ncie to know what ahppened to eu..though i alreayd know it..and even more thn those headlines 😉

  2. I started at frontlabs me too, it was a very good experience. the atmosphere is really nice and doesn’t seem to be that much of a change when compared to university, not so much pressure, learn at your own pace..

  3. bienvenue 😀

    hope gagne plis palab ki last time la lol!

    et aster to pu koner ki appelle la vie work :S
    letemps pas pu ena pu plak fesses lakaaz!

  4. moisi mo frontlab :p to cone moi? lolzzz

  5. yea pou trouve letmeps pou fer palab aster

    la vie travay.. lol quand rentre lakaz pena role :S et since pas fer mem overtime labas 🙂

    mo ena plein letemps et mo penC pou cpave post imP plis souvent..

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