Final Projects List 2007/2008

Finally the new project list is out 🙂

as usual some interesting titles available, last year was dominated by face recognition algorithms and application. This year the most popular theme is the paperless uom concept

many lecturers proposing to develop an application to be used by lecturers for their daily administrative work, apply for holidays, book classes etc..

This will be really interesting if it could be a web based project and lecturers could access the services via wap 😛 apply for a holiday while having lunch.. or on the way home lol

some of the interesting titles are..

1. Web Based Integrated Transport System for Mauritius
2. Wireless Shopping Assistant
3. Developping a user friendly messages for the C++ compiler
4. Web Service for Bioinformatics
5 Wireless office for CSE dept.

So bannes veterans out there.. largue banens advice about the whole thing.. ki bizin keep in mind tousa avan choisir projet 🙂


8 responses to “Final Projects List 2007/2008

  1. the easiest title this year has been brought to u by dr b.sonah if u want to secure a title in the top 10 list of ur choise dont choose that title as any of ur choice u know which title am refering to 😉 i bet over 10 groups will put it as first choice

  2. Well i checked the complete list, sum rally nice titles out there. Well all I can tell is that choose your project according to title of interest to you, and not according to preference to 1 lecturer and so on. Coz in the end the project will be developed by yu n yur partner, and all lecturers will guide you more or less in the same way, n all do a good job at it.

    Set milestones as phases of the project. Break it into pieces. Do a good background study, analysis. Start playing with the tools you will use as early as possible. Meet your supervisor as often as possible … n so on n so forth

    What is most important of all is your demo. At the end of the coming academic year, prepare your presentation and your demo well. It is there that your grade will be decided. You may develop sumthing really good but unable to present it well and show the strong aspect of the project you may not get what you deserve.

    All the best m8, n keep the good work on …

  3. Starkiss***

    hmmm…. compared to last yr..i guess ths yr nicer..
    wen pou start working on proj la em pou coner sa…hehe.. 😀

  4. hmm, i have also gone through the list and some of them are nice, even thought if we have repetition of some ideas that were already here last yr.

    but i really believe that students need some advicing here, i mean by that, small presentations, nothing official, should be held by ex-3rd yr students to help those in need of advice about how the project goes on, the steps to choose a title, the requirements, ideas about the different stages, the report and the presentations.

    i suggest all these koz i was myself in a difficult situation to choose the best project title for me.

    do not only choose a project title, but choose your project partner as well as, have a preference on those lecturers whom u can get along well.
    it wont bring u anywhere if u have a supervisor who isnt here to guide you or your partner isnt working as expected.

    i had the chance to get both supervisor and partner(sandra, pas gonfler si to p lire sa, mo p koze menti :P) and above all, the whole software, project report and presentation was GREAT !
    am very much satisfied by the work we have done.

    so, if u really need some advice, consult ex-graduates (me :P) to get real life experience!
    (surtout les filles 😛 )

  5. Yash be samem mo ine post lor la non.. pou ki banens new to these project stuff gagne banens ti trucs pou aide zotte.. to connE couma mo content fer travay social toi

    surtout les filles .. aryo.. shaks bizin lire sa ene coute 🙂

  6. hmm.. i’ll reserve any comments for the time being, coz i’ll be part of the party 😛
    May the fun begin!! 😀

  7. I made my own decision, and live life how i want, me working with my preferred partner whom i know her great abilities, and i can trust, opted for our own project rather than choose from a list. (I should thank both mr. Pascal and mr. avinash), the bald leet dude will be my supervisor :p

    plus i have a nice project title, am floatinnnnnnnnn

  8. lol

    would be great!!!
    Banne saki bizin advice capav vine gette moi :p mo ena monstrous ideas… lol

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