Well after Random Thoughts, vicks is back with Palab Corner

Normally i always complain about not having anything interesting to do during holidays, well this holiday is among  the most hectic.

Construction work at flacq is reaching its end and its also the most time consuming part, choosing tiles, curtains, alarm systems, flush doors, sanitary wares.. on and on and on..

For someone who doesn’t like shopping and all these stuffs, its like hell, specially when parents need to go at different places to choose something.

Hopeful we’ll move for flacq in the coming month 🙂


9 responses to “Holidays

  1. Pas blier invite moi pu 1 dinner dans to nuvo la maison…

  2. Wow, pataaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

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    Mone fini casse coco…

    welcome back vicks, enfin zvicks!

  3. Starkiss***

    to holidays niiiceee… 😛
    mien soo boring :x… i ahte holidays now 😡

  4. Eh 1 mari travail sa decore lacaz la??? Jamais li pafini mem….
    Enfin moi mo pencor decide kipu fer dan vacance p apply 1 2 travail e p say appran PHP mai pencor start meme….

    Eh p get film lacaz sa meme role…. Missing Uni life!!!!!!!!!! lol

  5. hehe, le fameux blogger de retour 😉 Welcome back :p

  6. @yashvin

    Pataaak tou.. seryE.. 😀
    ena imP travay la.. pou fer blog la connu.. bizin fer mass spamming lol..

    @ avinash

    Missing uni life.. haha.. be sak coute mo allE mo trouve toi reduit 😛

  7. flacq c pas loin sa? 😐

  8. pas tracas twa, servihoo kifer la?

    faire spam 😛

  9. Excellent blog! Very interesting themes. I will regularly read it.

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